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Work as a personal trainer

Become your own boss as a personal trainer at RaskRask.

We connect you with people that need your help in your local area.

We will handle all administration so you can focus on your passion.

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How RaskRask works

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Flexibility is the key

Become your own boss and have the freedom of choosing when and where you are available and want to work.

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Free hands

We will handle all administrative work so that you will be able to focus on your passion and provide customers with the best experience.

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Make a difference

Once your customer has booked you, you will get the information you need and be able to offer them guidance and help. In that way you are taking part in making a difference.

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Why collaborate with RaskRask?

  • Complete flexibility

    Complete flexibility

    You have full control of your own schedule and choose when and where you want to work

  • Leave administrative difficulties behind

    Leave administrative difficulties behind

    RaskRask will handle all administrative tasks so that you can give the customers your full attention

  • Support and safety

    Support and safety

    We are here to help and handle the technical and customer support from our office in Aarhus

  • Set your own price

    Set your own price

    You are able to set your prices. As a personal trainer you can quickly get a large share of the price you set. In addition, you get access to the benefits and discounts we have

What you need

  • A certificate

    A certificate

    You will need an accredited institution certifying that you have completed a relevant education as a personal trainer or a physiotherapist.

  • Your own equipment

    Your own equipment

    You will need a fitness mat, resistance bands and to disinfect before and after each session.

  • Easy access to service areas

    Easy access to service areas

    You must have access to either a car or a bicycle.

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Are you ready to be your own boss?

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What can you expect from RaskRask?

Help with finance

We have made it simple for you to have control over your finances so that you can focus on your customers.

Professional marketing

As a personal trainer you will become part of our branding and marketing, which we take care of financially.

Our systems will accommodate your needs

You will have access to the RaskRask app that is designed according to your needs and will help you get customers.

Support and administration

We are ready to help, so that you can fully focus on your customers.

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