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These prices only apply to private customers.
Companies should contact us on +45 93 88 00 63.

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Save time and money with a massage multi-trip card

For the vast majority of people suffering from pain and aching muscles, one treatment will not be enough. Tension and stress can stay in the body for years and therefore it often takes more than one treatment to bring the problems to life. You will find that your body responds better to the massage as the massage therapist loosens the muscles.

At RaskRask we want to make it easier and cheaper for you to reach complete well-being. By purchasing one of our multi-trip cards, you can save up to a 1000 DKK and avoid thinking about the payment each time.

You will get the multi-trip card sent to your email with a personal code that you will need every time you order. If you buy a multi-trip card for 5 or 10 massage treatments, the code will work 5 or 10 times. That way, you can completely choose when you want your massage.